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Take care of your skin naturally

The care of our skin can be done in a natural way, without artificial products and following some healthy advice, to always have a radiant skin, firm and free of impurities. We explain the importance of nutrition and good habits in our skin, and give the keys to take care of our skin step by step and using only natural products.

Skin is a reflection of our health. If the body is overloaded with toxins, these will come out through the pores of our skin and our complexion will feel resentful and will show off and with impurities. For this reason, it is essential to feed ourselves in a balanced way, providing sufficient amounts of carbohydrates and protein.

You don’t need cosmetics

In addition to choosing good foods, we must also try to avoid bad habits such as tobacco, which takes away shine and colour from our skin, or alcohol, which demineralises us. We must also avoid stress and lack of exercise, which oxidize our body and steal oxygen.

Depending on the climate of the area in which we live we will protect our skin in one way or another, avoiding extreme situations. If it is a dry climate we will give much importance to the daily hydration of the skin, and if it is an area with a lot of solar radiation we will avoid the hours of maximum exposure, we will wear hats or caps and we will use daily cream with solar factor.

Drinking water

Many mild skin problems are solved by drinking enough water during the day, outside of meals. We recommend testing, especially for people with dry skin or with impurities, to drink one and a half to two litres of fasting water daily, throughout the morning and afternoon. With such a simple and inexpensive remedy we will be surprised by the results.

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