Is it wrong to spend hours on porn sites?

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People use pornography for various reasons, but the most common is quite obvious: pleasure. However, American researchers have found that there are several other reasons why people may choose to consume pornographic content, such as higher levels of psychological suffering. In addition, those who feel lonely or depressed often report a greater desire to seek pornography. With the current COVID-19 pandemic,  the consumption of this adult content has only increased. One of the world's largest porn site,, has seen huge increases in traffic - for example, seeing an 25% jump over normal numbers in the category cumtree. In many regions, these peaks in use occurred immediately after the implementation of social distancing measures.

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Take care of your skin naturally

The care of our skin can be done in a natural way, without artificial products and following some healthy advice, to always have a radiant skin, firm and free of impurities. We explain the importance of nutrition and good habits in our skin, and give the keys to take care of our skin step by step and using only natural products.

Skin is a reflection of our health. If the body is overloaded with toxins, these will come out through the pores of our skin and our complexion will feel resentful and will show off and with impurities. For this reason, it is essential to feed ourselves in a balanced way, providing sufficient amounts of carbohydrates and protein.

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