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Main characteristics of antisocial behaivour

In relation to the antisocial behaviour of the personality, according to Drromeu, it is often mentioned that it is a pathology characterized by an inability of people to adapt to social norms, which is why they engage in criminal behaviour where other people may be affected.

In this type of case, the person will suffer from a disorder that will lead to a lack of empathy and in most cases will tend to manipulate and abuse the rights of others, without this implying any kind of remorse or repentance.

Antisocial behaviour: Main features

Because of its characteristics, this is a disorder that cannot be diagnosed until the age of 18, since it is the moment when symptoms begin to accentuate. However, during adolescence there may be similar signs that can predict the onset of the disorder in adulthood.

According to some research that has been done, the prevalence rate of this disorder is low. It is also much more common in men than in women, which is why its occurrence varies according to gender.

Causes of antisocial personality disorder

Research to date has not been able to find the reasons why this type of disorder occurs in people, despite the fact that there are many theories that attempt to explain it. However, among the factors that can be identified for the development of this disorder are:

  • Child trauma – Where cases of child abuse, sexual abuse and the like tend to be the most relevant.
  • References or parental role models are inadequate – Aggressiveness as part of education, couple abuse, an alcoholic father or mother, among other variables.

However, the research seeks to continue to identify from more scientific evidence what the things of a disorder of this nature really are.

Main characteristics of antisocial personality disorder

  • General conduct of contempt and disrespect for the rights of others.
  • Signs of anti-social behavior before age 15, due to social norms being broken and misdemeanors being committed.
  • Aggressiveness towards people with animals.
  • A serious and continuing breach of the rules.
  • Not admitting guilt for what has been done and not feeling ashamed either.

Treatment for antisocial personality disorder

People with a personality disorder have many difficulties accepting their problem. In that sense, the help of family, friends and even justice is key. Psychological therapy with medication is usually chosen..